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Cotton Town Jubilee

Box 322 - West Memphis, Arkansas
Founded by Gene Williams in 1962. Closed down in 1965 and eventually purchased by Dave Travis.

Cotton Town Jubilee 100
Sonny Williams
If You'll Be a Baby (Hank Williams) / A Teardrop on a Rose (Hank Williams)
CT-100 / CT-101
1962 (BB)

Cotton Town Jubilee 101
Chuck Edwards
The Same Old Place () / The Last Seven Years ()
1962 (BB)

Cotton Town Jubilee 102
Khrushchev and the Devil (Jay Chevalier/Dee Marais) / Too Many Bubbles (Jay Chevalier/A.R. Chevalier)
1962 (BB)
"Produced by Bill Tester"

Cotton Town Jubilee 103
(Cousin) Jake & (Uncle) Josh
Just Joshing (Grayes-Wingfield-Tullock) / This World of Mine (Is a Lonely Place) (Bob Forshee)
1962 (BB)   
"Produced by Jack Linnemant" 

Cotton Town Jubilee 104
Sonny Williams
Foot Prints on the Floor (Bob Forhsee) / I'd Give It All to Be with You (Chuck Comer)
CT-104-A / CT-104-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 105
Sonny Williams
The Tears That Never Fell (Bob Forshee) / It Was Sweet While It Lasted (Chuck Comer)
CT-105-A / CT-105-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 106
Chuck Comer
I Had My Fingers Crossed (Chuck Comer) / A Love That Never Dies ()
CT-106-A / CT-106-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 107
Bob Taylor
If I Had Back What You Used to Have (Bob Taylor) / Walking the Street (Bob Taylor)
CT-107-A / CT-107-B
"Produced by Gene Williams & J. C. Wooten"

Cotton Town Jubilee 109
Cotton Town Jubilee (Graves - Tullock)
Big Flop of the Year (Justin Tubb)
1964 (BB)

Cotton Town Jubilee 110
Simpley & Softly (Chevalier/Cypert) / Louisiana Living (Jay Chevalier)
1963 (BB)
Cotton Town Jubilee 112
Cousin Jake & Uncle Josh
Dobro Rumba (Graves and Tullock) / Were Going to Have a Ball (Graves and Tullock)
S4KM-1789 723C-112 / S4KM-1790 723C-112 (RCA)

Cotton Town Jubilee 113
Sylvia Mobley
Are You Sorry (O'Neal - Williams) / Worried Over You (M. Grisham)
113-A / 113-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 114
Bob Taylor
Did You Miss Me (Robert Taylor) / You've Gone and Broke My Heart (Robert Taylor)
114-A / 114-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 115
Sylvia Mobley
I'm Not Alone Anymore (Chuck Comer) / Every Time I See You (Sylvia Mobley)
S4KM-1791 723C-115 / S4KM-1792 723C-115 (RCA)

Cotton Town Jubilee 116
Sonny Williams
Too Much Competition (Melvin Endsley) / Play Me a Country Song (Melvin Endsley)
R4KM-8521 723C-116 / R4KM-8522 723C-116 (RCA)

Cotton Town Jubilee 95
Kenny Owens
Christmas Poem (Norman Beal)
SK4M-3921 723C-95 (RCA)
Gene Williams
My Son in Service (Norman Beal)
 SK4M-3922 723C-95 (RCA)

Cotton Town Jubilee 96
Gene Williams
A Mother's Love (Norman Beal) / Father's Table Grace (Flatt & Scruggs)
SK4M-3573 723C-96 / SK4M-3574 723C-96 (RCA)

Cotton Town Jubilee 97
Amos Wren
Where Were You (Amos Wren) / Poor Folks (Bill Anderson)
97-A / 97-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 98
Chuck Comer
I'm the Luckiest Guy in the World (Chuck Comer) / What Are We Gonna Do (Chuck Comer)
98-A / 98-B

Cotton Town Jubilee 99
Charles Norris and the Magnolia Play Boys
Explain This Thing to Me (Grisham, Hill, Norris) / I Want You for My Own (Grisham, Hill, Norris)
There is no record number on the label but the dead wax shows the number 99. Note that the titles are in brackets.