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No label name


Wird geladen...



Rosewood RS 330
Dave Waldroop & the Country Wranglers
Woman (Dave Waldroop) / ?
A / ? (Rimrock)
1971 (on label)
"Prod. & Arr. D. Waldroop / A. & R. Jimmy Cupp"


Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Bittersweet BS M 101
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (John D. Laudermilk) / Sea Cruise ()
NR-3179-2 / ?


Trumann, Arkansas
Owned by Arlen Vaden. Founded in 1958. Folded in 1961. Vaden's King account number was 615.

Vaden 45-100
Down at Big Mary's House (Brown-Stewart) / I Get the Blues (at Midnight) (Bobby Brown)
VAD-45-60 / VAD-45-61 (King)

Vaden 45-101
Jerri Patterson
Little Ole Me Loves Little Ole You (Patterson-Baker) / That's Why I Think of You (Sullens-Patterson)
VAD-45-62 / VAD-45-63 (King)

Vaden EP-102
Ray Baker and his Happy Travelers
I Don't Need a Rocket Ship (n.c.) / Preach the Word Preacher Man (n.c.)
VAD-64 (King)
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (n.c.) / A Light in a Mansion (n.c.)
VAD-65 (King)
Note: The A side has an additional "X3" etched into the dead wax after the matrix number.

Vaden EP-103
Where the Roses Never Fade (n.c.) / Amazing Grace (n.c.)
VAD-66 (King)
O Golden Hours (n.c.) / When I Get Up to Heaven (n.c.)
VAD-67 (King)

Vaden EP-104
Just as the Sun Went Down (n.c.) / A Sinner's Plea (n.c.)
VAD-68 (King)
Precious Memories (n.c.) / O Come Angel Band (n.c.)
VAD-69 (King)

Vaden EP-105
Save Me Master (n.c.) / What a Friend We Have in Mother (n.c.)
VAD-70 (King)
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (n.c.) / Just a Closer Walk with Thee (n.c.)
VAD-71 (King)

Vaden EP-106
I Want My Mama () / Train and Cat Chase Imitation ()
The Old Dutchman’s Prayer () / Get in Line with God ()
VAD-EP-73 (King)

Vaden EP-107
Down at Big Mary’s (n.c.) / I Get the Blues (n.c.)
VAD-EP-74 (King)
Jamboree Gang
Banjo and Fiddle Instrumentals (n.c.)
VAD-EP-75 (King)

Vaden EP-108
Ray Baker and his Happy Travelers
My Faith Is Build Up on a Rock (Ray Baker) / Who Will Be the First to Cast a Stone (Ray Baker)
VAD-76 (King)
At Mother’s Knee (Ray Baker) / You Gotta Go Down (Ray Baker)
VAD-77 (King)

Vaden EP-109
Ray Baker and his Happy Travelers
He'll Make the Way (Ray Baker) / Then Came the Dawn (Ray Baker)
VAD-78 (King)
When I've Learned (Ray Baker) / Unwanted Saviour (Ray Baker)
VAD-79 (King)

Vaden 45-109
Please Please Baby (Bobby Brown) / Bobby’s Blues (Bobby Brown)
VAD-45-109A / VAD-45-109B (King)

Vaden 45-110
Knocking on the Back Side (Teddy Redell) / Before It Began (Teddy Redell)
VAD-45-110A / VAD-45-110B (King)

Vaden 45-111
Johnny Moore with Jimmy Haggett Band
I Want You to Know (Moore-Haggett) / Country Girl (Davis-Moore-Morris)
VAD-45-111A / VAD-45-111B

Vaden 45-112
Tomorrow (Joyce Green) / Black Cadillac (Joyce Green)
VAD-45-112A / VAD-45-112B (King)

Vaden 45-113
That’s What I Call a Ball (Richard Manning) / Honey-Bun (Benjamin Kuykendall)
VAD-45-113A / VAD-45-113B (King)

Vaden 45-114
Vena Townsend
I Walk the Soles Off My Shoes () / Too-Lonesome ()
VAD-114-A / ? (King)

Vaden 45-115
Corrina Corrina (Teddy Redell) / Gold Dust (Teddy Redell)
VAD-45-115A / VAD-45-115B (King)

Vaden 45-116
Jimmy Haggett
Today’s Reality (Tuddle-Haggett) / Don’t Let Me Go (Morris-Pitts-Haggett)

Vaden 45-116
Can’t You See (Teddy Redell) / Judy (Teddy Redell)
615-45-116-A / 615-45-116-B (King)
Note: The number 116 was wrongly used twice by Vaden.

Vaden EP-200
The Maddox Bros. & Rose - Flower’s for the Master’s Bouquet (W.S. Stevenson) / William Moore - Pay Day in Heaven (W. Moore)
VAD-EP-200 (King)
Jerry Jericho - Crying in the Chapel (A. Glenn) / The Stewart Family - Thirty Pieces of Silver (McLead)
VAD-EP-201 (King)

Vaden EP-201
The Stewart Family - Tattler's Wagon () / Hank Locklin - The Harvest is Ripe ()
The Maddox Bros. & Rose - Tramp on the Street () / William Moore - Bugle Call from Heaven ()

Vaden EP-202
More Praying, Less Straying (n.c.) / He Brought Me In (n.c.)
I Can’t Help What Others Do (n.c.) / The Muddy Sea of Sin (n.c.)

Vaden EP-203
Come Unto Me (n.c.) / I’ll Be Satisfied, Poor (n.c.)
The Old Country Church (n.c.) / The Picture on the Wall (n.c.)

Vaden EP-204
Ray Baker and the Happy Travelers
God's Mighty Hand (n.c.) / Choose the Right Road (n.c.)
VAD-EP-208 (King)
God's Love Is Free (n.c.) / Come On In (n.c.)
VAD-EP-209 (King)
Vaden EP-205
Ray Baker and the Happy Travelers
God's Mighty Hand (n.c.) / My Faith Is Built Upon a Rock (n.c.) / Who Will Be the First to Cast a Stone (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-210 (King)
At Mother's Knee (n.c.) / He'll Make the Way (n.c.) / You've Got to Go Down (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-211 (King)

Vaden EP-206
Just as the Sun Went Down (n.c.) / More Praying, Less Straying (n.c.) / He Brought Me In (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-212 (King)
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (n.c.) / I Can’t Help What Others Do (n.c.) / The Muddy Sea of Sin (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-213 (King)

Vaden EP-207
Sinner’s Plea (n.c.) / Come Unto Me (n.c.) / I’ll Be Satisfied, Poor (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-214 (King)
Precious Memories (n.c.) / The Old Country Church (n.c.) / The Picture on the Wall (n.c.)
615-VAD-EP-215 (King)

Vaden EP-208
Go Home (Onie Wheeler) / Mother Prays Loud in Her Sleep (Onie Wheeler)
615-VAD-EP-216 (King)
I Saw Mother with God Last Night (Onie Wheeler) / Please Don’t Break His Heart (Onie Wheeler)
615-VAD-EP-217 (King)

Vaden VAD-301
I Want to Hold You (Teddy Redell) / Pipeliner (M. Mullican)
45-V-301-A / 45-V-301-B (King)
Note: This release was pressed twice with two slightly different label designs.

Vaden 45-302
Shall We Dance (C. Comer) / Little More Lovin' (C. Comer)
454-A / 454-B

Vaden 45-303
Wee Wee Hours (Chuck Berry) / It's a Sin (Billy Valentine)

Vaden 45-304
Been a Walking (B. L. Trammell) / Hi Ho Silver (B. L. Trammell)
1260-1 / 1260-2

Vaden 45-305
I'll Sail My Ship Alone (M. Mullican) / Don't Grow Old Alone (Teddy Redell)
305-A / 305-B

Vaden 45-306
Bill Duniven
One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) () / Knocking on the Backside (of Your Heart) (Redell)
305-A / 305-B


Box 259 - Leachville, Arkansas

Majestic 100
Bill Piatt
If You Really Love Me (Bill Piatt) / Taste of Honey (Bobby Scott & Ric Marlow)
101 / 102