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No label name


How to use

Record #
Title (A / B)
The release year of the record. (BB) = date according to Billboard review/ad
(on label) = release date is listed on label
The record number assigned by the record label for the release. Prefixes have been omitted sometimes.
The artist listed on the label.
The title of the song for each side listed on the label:

A side title
(composer credits)
B side title
(composer credits)

() = credites are not known, mostly because no label shot is present.
(n.c.) = no credits are listed on the label

A and B side are generally listed as the label denotes. If no difference can be spotted, the titles are listed  according to their matrix numbers.
The matrix number assigned to the record by the pressing plant.

(RCA) = RCA pressing
(Col) = Columbia pressing
(Rite) = rite pressing
(SO) = Southern pressing
Comments shown on the label, e.g. producer or arranger credits.