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Concord, Arkansas
Owned by Wayne Raney. Founded in 1961. Raney's pressing plant was bought by Stax Records in 1974.

Rimrock 201
Johnny Mitchum
Arkansas Waltz (J. Mitchum, E. Nicholson) / Prettiest Little Girl in Arkansas (Mitchum)
ZTSB 110127 / ZTSB 110128 (Columbia)

Rimrock 202
Charley Maybee
Little Judy (S. Barr) / I'm Writing You a Letter (F. Snow)

Rimrock 203
Woodell Holmes
Lonely Misery (El Holmes) / I Can't Help But Cry (El Holmes)

Rimrock 204
I'm in Love (B. Dwinnell & A. Cain) / My Beautiful Bouquet (B. Dwinnell & A. Cain)
Note: These masters were leased to Blake Records (Memphis, Tennessee) and re-relased in 1967.

Rimrock 206
Ansel Guthrie
Time of his Return (Ansel Guthrie) / I'm Walking in the Sunlight of his Love (Ansel Guthrie)
He is Coming in Glory (Guthrie & Simpson) / Singing in the Chapel (Ansel Guthrie)

Rimrock 208
Charley Maybee
It's Lonely Out Tonight (Leo Worth) / I'm Puttin' the Collar on You (Fred Snow)

Rimrock 210
Ron Brooks
Country Music's Back to Stay (n.c.) / Don't Monkey with Another Monkey's Monkey (n.c.)

Rimrock 211
Coy Jackson
Lookout Heart (Lila Duncan) / The RIng (Lila Duncan)

Rimrock 212
Carl Pete
Where is the Island (Carl Pete) / Tell Me (Carl Pete)

Rimrock 213
Bobby Keisler
Dream Come True (B. Keisler) / What Makes Me Whonder (B. Keisler)

Rimrock 215
 Crawling Back to You (T. Riedel) / I See the Moon (T. Redel)

Rimrock 216
Ben Showalter
Hell in Vietnam (B. Showalter) / The Way I Am (B. Showalter)

Rimrock 217
Coy Jackson and Chris Riggs
Let Me Keep My Dreams (Coy Jackson) / I Don't Want to Be Hurt Anymore (Chris Riggs)

Rimrock 217
Hal Cass
Stand Up for America (H. Martin) / Bricklaying Blues (H. Cass)
Note: Rimrock used the number 217 twice. "Bricklaying Blues" was leased from another label.
Rimrock 218
Shirley Greenfield
Riding Double (Lila Duncan) / Hello Whiskey (Jimmy Rutledge/Gary Bryant)

Rimrock 219
Leroy Ross
Please Come on Back (L. Ross) / Today You Said Goodby (L. Ross)

Rimrock 220
Put Out the Fire (Leonard Page) / No Home for Me (Leonard Page)

Rimrock 221
Bill McDougal
Raindrops (B. McDougal) / Siamese (B. McDougal)

Rimrock 222
Jim and the Turnarounds
Drowning Old Memories (Jim Leonard) / I Suppose (Jim Leonard)

Rimrock 223
Ron Brooks and Don Hill
Take Me Back to Atlanta (H. Howard & H. Cockron) / Smokey Mountain Fizz (H. Howard)

Rimrock 225
Mary Cox
Just in Case (Mary E. Cox) / Now (Mary E. Cox)

Rimrock 226
Page Brothers and Luella
Discord U.S.A. (L. Page & J. Kizzia) / You're the One (L. Page)

Rimrock 226
Seth Mize
Snow on the Mountain (S. Mize) / Sally Goodin (S. Mize)
RS-226-A / RS-226-B
Note: Rimrock obviously used the number 226 twice.

Rimrock 228
Don Cooper and the Dixie Mtn.-Neers
I'll Be Out of Your Way () / Don't You Think I've Got a Right to Cry ()

Rimrock 229
Walt Shrum and the Westernaires
Waiting Days are Gone (Walt Shrum) / Half Hearted Love (Walt Shrum)

Rimrock 230
Ferrell Faulk "The Arkansas Hank"
Vietnam (F. Faulk) / We'll Just Forget the Deal (F. Faulk)

Rimrock 231
O.C. Jones
Jesus () / Mi Amigo Jesus

Rimrock 231
Tusco Heath
When I Loved Her () / Whose Name Are You Calling
Note: Rimrock obviously used the number 231 twice.

Rimrock 232
Joyce DeVore & Sherman Mizer
Bride of the Lamp (S.G. Mizer) / There's Only One Way (S.G. Mizer)

Rimrock 234
Randy Lynn Shaffer
Because of Something We Had (D.W. Shaffer)
RS-234-A (Rimrock)
Donald Shaffer
That Will Be My Pay (D.W. Shaffer)
RS-234-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 235
Let Ole Lonesome In (C. Dycus) / Who (C. Dycus)

Rimrock 237
The Jordan Singers
Sometimes Long Ago () / A Precious Fountain ()

Rimrock 238
Don Michel - Gaulbert Templet guitar
That's When the Heartaches Began (D. Michel) / I Want to Hold You in My Arms (D. Michel)

Rimrock 241
Linda & Frankia Treat
Home to Stay (Lonnie & Frankia Treat) / Laughing Two Year Old (Lonnie & Frankia Treat)

Rimrock 242
Hearld Davis & his Steel Guitar Instrumental
Danny Boy (n.c.) / Pulling Strings (H. Davis)

 Rimrock 243
Zyndall Raney
Tried, Lied and Lost (Z. Raney) / Got That Lonesome Feelin' (Z. Raney)

Rimrock 244
Ted Scott with his Western Drifters
I Wish I Had Never Met You (T. Scott) / If Broken Hearts Were Dollar Bills (Scott-Mains)1

Rimrock 250
Page Brothers and Luella
Why Must They Sing About You (Leonard Page) / Two Mules Pull This Wagon (Johnny Russell)
RS 250 A / RS 250 B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 251
Ozark Slim
The Little Pine Tavern (O.Slim) / Wondering Blues (O.Slim)
RS 251 A / RS 251 B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 253
Wayne Edwards / Ramblers
What Kind of a Fool (Do You Think I Am) (W. Edwards) / Please Tell Me (Where I Stand) (W. Edwards)
RS-253-A / RS- 253-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 255
The Jordan Singers
Jesus is Real (V.Gibson) / A Man from Galilee (A.Spears)
RS-255-A / RS-255-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 256
Loretta Kay
Yo Yo (Wayne Raney) / Cheater's Part (Jim McGlasson)
RS-256-A / RS-256-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 257
Jim Sparks
Crying Like I Do (Jim Sparks) / Unlock My Heart (Jim Sparks)
RS-257-A / RS-257-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 258
My Pot of Love (W. Raney)
RS-258-A (Rimrock)
Wayne & Wanda Wayne
Grandma's Mini-Skirt (G. Sizemore-J. Adams)
RS-258-B (Rimrock)
Note: Some copies have credit artist on the B side only as "Wayne Raney."

Rimrock 260
Wes "Happy" Haines
Don't Let Your River of Love Flow in the Lake of Regret () / Pullin Corks ()
RS-260-A / RS-260-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 263
Zyndall Raney
What Have I Done (Z. Raney) / Satisfied and Blue (Z. Raney)
RS-263-A / RS-263-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 264
Armstrong Twins
Thanks for Setting Me Free (L. & F. Armstrong) / When a Hillbilly Goes to Town (L & F Armstrong)
RS-264-A / RS-264-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 265
For Christmas Give Jesus Your Soul () / Widows and Orphans ()
RS-265-A / RS-265-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 267
Johnny Ballenger
Magic Dream () / It's Not the Real You ()
RS-267-A / RS-267-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 1034
Miss Billie Walker
I Lost You (Billie Walker) / Road of Sorrow (Billie Walker)
AS-1034-A / AS-1034-B (Rimrock)
Note: This record was originally released on Alley 1034.

Rimrock 268
Bobby Reed
To Be or Not to Be (B. Reed) / I Say Woman (B. Reed)
RS-268-A / RS-268-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 271
Johnny Nace
Blue Notes (Johnny Nace / Delores Tolbert) / The Kind You Find Tonight (Johnny Nace; Billy Cox)
RS-271-A / RS-271-B (Rimrock)
Note: This record was originally released on C.A.R.S. 10003.

Rimrock 274
Don Michel
Every Time I Turn Around () / ?
RS-274-A / ? (Rimrock)

Rimrock 275
Bob Turner
Local Weekly News (B. Turner) / Strange Warm Arms (B. Turner)
RS-275-A / RS-275-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 278
Kenneth Hamm
More Troubles Than Carter's Got Pills (Irwin Russ) / Idle Gossip (K. Hamm)
RS-278-A / RS-279-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 279
Judy Bracklin
Mama's Baby Again (Judy Bracklin) / A Summer Friend (Judy Bracklin)
RS-279-A / RS-279-B (Rimrock)
"Produced by Wayne Raney"
Note: The picture sleeve has the record number275, while the acutal record has 279.

Rimrock 282
Joe West & the Fifth Wheels
Just Me, This Old Truck, and My Lord (Joe West) / The Answer to a Trucker Drivers Prayer (Joe West)
RS-282-A / RS-282-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 283
Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate
Moonshiner (Freddy Lake)
RS-283-A (Rimrock)
Freddy Lake
Old Floppy (Freddy Lake)
RS-283-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 284
Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate
Change My Business All Around (Freddy Lake) / Home in Mountain Home (Freddy Lake)
RS-284-A / RS-284-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 285
Jeannie Oxford
Flirty Son - of a Gun (Jeannie Oxford) / Love of a Lifetime (Jeannie Oxford)
RS-285-A / RS-285-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 286
Cherokee Bill & the Country Braves
Heartaches from the Bottle () / Who's That Fool ()
RS-286-A / RS-286-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 294
Andy Jetton
Rampage (Jim Leonard) / You've Gone Too Far with My Best Friend (Andy Jetton)
RS-294-A / RS-294-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 295
Jim Leonard & the Turn Arounds
If You Ain't Tried It Don't Knock It (J. Leonard) / Big Red X (J. Leonard)
RS-295-A / RS-295-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 296
Wayne Raney and his Talking Harmonica
The Fox Chase (Raney) / Sittin' on Top (Raney) / Wayne's Double Eagle (Raney)
REP 296-A (Rimrock)
Rain Crow Bill (Raney) / Harmonica Blues (Raney) / John Henry Blues (Raney)
REP 296-B (Rimrock)

 Rimrock 298
 Skinny Blair feat. Dean Hinesley & Walter Grasser
The Legend of Old Red (Skinny Blair-Francis K. Walker) / Preacher and the Bear (P.D.)
RS-298-A / RS-298-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 299
Zyndall Raney
My Annabelle Lee (W. Raney) / I See Fingers (Zyndall Raney)
RS-299-A / RS-299-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 301
Dewane & Jim Carr
That's When I Miss You Most (D. Carr) / It Just Kills Me (D. Carr)
RS-301-A / RS-301-B (Rimrock)
"Pro. By Col. B.F. Garrard"

Rimrock 302
Chris Bland
Pick Up Your Hammer Boy (D. Lackey) / The Love You Claim (C. Bland)
RS-302-A / RS-302-B (Rimrock)
"Pro. by Leroy Havner"

Rimrock 303
Leon & Flo
It's Too Late () / I Hope He Hurts You ()
RS-303-A / RS-303-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 306
Laure Lynn Hayes
There Goes Daddy (Norman Herman) / Jambalaya (H. Williams)
RS-306-A / RS-306-B (Rimrock)
"Pro. & Arr. Bob Lee"

Rimrock 307
Herman Hatfield & the Tenn. Valley Boys
My Heart Keeps on Loving You (Herman Hatfield) / Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep (Bill Anderson)
RS-307-A / RS-307-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 308
Sharlet Sexton - Teresa Lu & the Tenn. Valley Boys
I'll Be a Mama You (S. Sexton)
RS-308-A (Rimrock)
Sharlet Sexton & the Tenn. Valley Boys
You Just Don't Turn Me On (S. Sexton)
RS-308-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 310
Joe West and the Fifth Wheels
I Died in Vietnam (Joe West) / A Truck Brought In ()
RS-310-A / RS-310-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 317
Joe West & the Fifth Wheels
Long White Line (Joe West) / Life Under a Steeing Wheel (Joe West)
RS-317-A / RS-317-B (Rimrock)

Rimrock 324
Dark as a Dungeon (Louis M. Jones) / Loves Commandments ()

Rimrock 325
Everett Blansett / Gene Henson-Johnny Dotson
The Door Behind Me (E. Blansett) / The Voice of Buggle Ann (E. Blansett)
"Produced by D.L. (Red) Clements"

Rimrock 333
Jess Stoner
River of Tears (W. Howard Ford) / Tonight It's Raining Teardrops (W. Howard Ford)
1971 (on label)

Rimrock 338
Bonnie Bond
Without Her Man (N. Bond) / Shall I Call (N. Bond)
1971 (on label)

Rimrock 347
Lone Drifting Cowboy
Old Dream Melody (A. Baggett & S. Taylor)
Sam & Annie Taylor
The Devil's Gonna Getcha Someday (A Baggett & S. Taylor)
1971 (on label)
Note: The A side shows 1217 West Main - Hartsville, Alabama, as adress, while the B side shows Rt.1 Box 78 - Somerville, Alabama, as adress. This is possibly a custom pressing.

Rimrock 357
Bear Creek Road
Long Nights of Misery () / Friend Lovin' Neighbor ()

Rimrock 357
Jesse Wright & Ozark Rhythm Rangers
Junkyard on the Moon (Jesse Wright) / My Bald Knob Baby (Jesse Wright)
1972 (on label)
Note: Rimrock used the number 357 obviously twice.

Rimrock 359
Jess Stoner
? / Two-Bit Playboy (Robert Robinson)
1972 (on label)

"Produced by Wayne & Zyndall Raney"

Rimrock 362
I Can't Get Her Face Out of My Mind () / Old Crazy Sally ()

Rimrock 364
Bonnie Bond
Edge on My Mind () / Your Name in the Pines ()

Rimrock 367
Mildred Gulledge
Mama, You'd Be So Proud of Me Now (Mildred Gulledge)
Bobby Gulledge
I'm a Member of his Body (Bobby Gulledge)
1972 (on label)

Rimrock HS 208
Trouble Bros.
Make Up Your Mind (B. Hopper-G. Hopper-D. Mealer) / Your Love Is Gone (G. Hopper-B. Hopper)
Note: This pressing was to all accounts an error. The Rimrock number #208 was used in 1966. It is likely both recordings were intended for release on another label, custom pressed by Rimrock.