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No label name



1119 East Broadway - West Memphis, Arkansas
Probably owned by Dan Craft.

CMC No.#
Sonny Blake
Big Four (Sonny Blake)
James Armstrong
Thank God, Calley Wasn't Black (Clide Fleming)
"Arr. by Bo Pete" printed on side one.
"Arr. by Truitt & Porter" printed on side two.
"Prod. by Craft"

CMC CMC-1014
Billy Bailey and the Country Drifters
Return from Viet Nam (Billy Bailey) / Someone to Love (Billy Bailey)
CM-1026 / CM-1027
June 1973 (on label)   
"Producer: CMC Enterprises"

CMC CMC-1016
Stardust Cowboy
Fellowman (Juanita Tullos)
Stardust Cowboy with Frank Bassett on Horns
A World Without You (Juanita Tullos) 

CMC CM-1018
Sonny Blake with the BO-Petes
Sad Christmas, Baby Pt. I (Clides Flemings) / Sad Christmas, Baby Pt. II (Clides Flemings)
"Producer: Dan Craft"
"Arranger: Porter-Truitt-Armstrong" 
CMC CM-1024/25
Judy Zierman with the Memphis Sound Singers
Life is Worth Living Again (Juanita Tullos) / I Won't Cry Anymore (Juanita Tullos)
CM-1024 / CM-1025
"Producer: CMC Enterprises"
"Arranger: Bob and Jamie"

CMC 745C-5224
Connie Craft
Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) (John D. Loudermilk) / Larry (S. D. Craft, Jr.)

CMC 745C-7328
Doug Cole
The Heart You're Gonna Break (Doug Cole) / How Big a Fool Must I Be (Doug Cole)
W4KM-7328 / W4KM-7329 (RCA)
  Note: This record also shows location as 1216 Broadway - West Memphis, Arkansas.

CMC 745C-7696
My Adobe Hacienda (Massey-Penny)
W5KM-7696 (RCA)
You Ain't Nothin' But a Heartache (Chuck Comer)
W5KM-7697 (RCA)
"Produced by Chuck Comer / Roland Janes"
"Recorded in Memphis, Tenn."
"The Best in the Country Series"